Who are we at Siali?

Siali is a startup that was born with the main objective of creating a product for industries, using mainly three technologies: circuits design and prototiping, deep learning based computer vision and artificial intelligence. 

From here borns “Siali Inspector”, an integral tool of computer vision in which we use deep learning that is oriented to companies from differente industries. This tool, allows companies that have visual inspection processes being done by people, automate them.

Sergio Pesquera Valadés

CEO & Co-Founder

Graduated from the University of Cantabria in Electronics and Automatisms engineering, has worked on NXP Belgium (previously known as Philips), winner of Yuzz Cantabria 2017, worked also in a previous project called “Edimot”.

Profile oriented to the analisys of high level problems, great knowledge of different technologies that can be used for different problems. Great communication skills and of opportunity search, in different sectors.


Jaled Moustafá Calvo

CTO & Co-Founder

Graduated from the University of Cantabria in Electronics and Automatisms engineering, founder of “Edimot”, has made his degree thesis about Machine Learning.

His main activity is the investigation of new technologies to resolve low level problems, great experience in the design and prototipe of electronic circuits, he has made computer vision and artificial intelligence related projects. Has also experience on giving talks and classes both high level and low level.


Miguel Betegón García

Machine Learning engineer

Telecommunications Engineer, achieved at the University of Cantabria and having carried out the Master’s Thesis in Siali, whose objective was the development of a vision system with Deep Leaning for the verification of safety equipment in industrial environments, laboratories and large surface.

His occupation is the development and deployment of Machine Learning models, having the skills of software development and combining innovation with the real world.





Francisco Dueñas López

Senior Business Advisor (External)

EMBA at Deusto and Insead. Innovation Masters Degree. PEGE at ESADE and Executive Education at IESE and IE. Degree in Business and Geography.

Outstanding experiences:
Strategic and Innovation Director at Tirso Group, Innovation product manager at Teka Group and Project Manager at Applus Norcontrol. 

Specialization in Innovation (Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, agile), Business Strategy, Business Development and Project Management. Experience in Home appliances Industry, Steel Industry, Breweries Industry, IT, Horeca, New technologies and Business Consultancy. Strong analytical and conceptual thinking; Identifying and evaluating new business opportunities by conducting market research, market analysis and market insights. Focus on client.


Anuar Moustafá Calvo

Machine Learning Developer & Hardware

Since he was a child, he was enthusiastic about new technologies and the DIY world, who take him to study computer engineering at the University of Cantabria and to want to learn more and more in this environment of new technologies.

Experiences in the development of computer programming, communication systems and digital electronics. His occupation is to develop and implement artificial intelligence and machine learning systems effectively, in the most diverse environments.







Pilar Sánchez Sausa

Business Developer

Graduated in Web Application Development, carrying out a final project with the Laravel framework developed in PHP.

Passionate about self-taught learning, training and certifying in both face-to-face and online courses in distinctive branches.

Experience in the creation and maintenance of web pages using different program languages, as well as in the management of databases and their administrations, carrying out marketing strategies to fall into one of them.

Creative and innovative thinking when creating content.

Seeking growth and attracting new opportunities for Siali.


#Business Developer

Pedro Casado Ruiz

Machine learning and hardware developer

Graduated in Industrial Electronic and Automatic Engineering from the University of Cantabria. After completing the degree, he completed a master’s degree in Automation and Robotics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. And later a title of University Expert in Supply Chain 4.0, to discover the latest technologies applied in industrial environments from experts in the sector.

He has experience in the development of computer vision systems applying deep learning techniques. Having implemented these technologies in companies such as B / S / H / Home Appliances.

Creative when designing and implementing Machine Learning and Hardware models in various sectors. Even when the machines refuse to talk to each other.



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