About Siali

Sergio Pesquera Valadés

CEO & Co-Founder

Graduated in electronic and automatic engineering by University of Cantabria, he has worked in NXP Belgium (Philips). Winner of Yuzz Cantabria 2017, he has participated in other projects like “Edimot”.

Oriented to high level problem resolution, wide knowledge of current state of the art technologies. Wide communication skills, Sergio is searching oportunities between different industries.


Jaled Moustafá Calvo

CTO & Co-Founder

Graduated in electronic and automatic engineering by University of Cantabria ,  previous founder of “Edimot”.

Focus on new  model developments and industry applications at code level. He has wide experience in prototipe and circuit design, and artificial vision and machine learning projects (like his degree project). Jaled enjoys giving talks about these new technologies in Cantabria and Madrid, at high and low level.


Miguel Betegón García

Machine Learning engineer

Graduated from the University of Cantabria in Telecommunications engineering (Mention in Telematics). His degree thesis was based upon Traffic engineering techniques in Software Defined Networks.

He is currently finishing the Master degree in Telecommunications engineering, including the Master’s Thesis carried out in Siali, and its objective being a Deep Learning vision system to verify the security of technical equipment in industrial environments and laboratories.

His occupation is the development and deployment of Machine Learning models, having the skills of software development and combining innovation with the real world.


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